Saturday, August 29, 2009

Brittney's Birthday

We just celebrated Brittney's 17th birthday! It was on the 19th and so I probably should have posted this sooner, but I think I am in denial that my little girl is growing up. If I don't admit it then maybe, just maybe, it won't happen. Brittney has been such a joy in our lives. Here are some of her pictures through out the years. Brittney was always a determined little girl, once she sets her mind on something there is no stopping her. That stubbornness used to drive me crazy and I really had to pick my battles with her. Looking back over the years that stubbornness has been such a blessing to her it has helped her stay spiritually strong. It has helped her achieve good grades, and always want to do well at everything she does. I know that she will never cave in to peer pressure. She knows what she wants and she is going after it, so look out world she graduates next spring!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Suprise trip to Denver

Mike suprised me with a trip to Denver to see a Colorado Rockies Game. When the shock of actually going to Denver (instead of going to our friends cabin) wore off I got really excited. I have always wanted to go to a professional baseball game. I am so glad our friends Mike and Billie came along for the ride. It was fun to get away and just hang out with friends. Thanks Mike for the great get away!! Love ya Shari

Pumpkin Carving

Camping at Rockport